1. For the next few days

    As I switch everything over I’ll keep this blog up.

    If you want the URL to the new one let me know (:

    (Although I did try to send it to some of you guys)

    Love you guys (:

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  2. Deleting this Tumblr!

    In case anyone cared to know…

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  3. All I wanna do is…

    Kick, scream, and cry.
    This is stupid and this sucks. I haven’t done anything wrong and here I am again right back in the corner with a town of people full of hate for me.

    This is unfair. I’ve done nothing but try and be neutral. But I keep getting pushed. If I had known yesterday was going to be one of those days followed up with today’s fabulousness I would’ve stayed home, in bed, under the covers hiding from the people who’re wrongfully upset with me. How am I supposed to properly cope with anything or ever de-stress if people keep throwing their problems at me.

    I want to vomit everywhere. I’m literally sick to my stomach with all this stuff going on. Not that morning sickness helps anything either. I really wish someone would tell me when and where I said I was going to keep you out of this baby’s life. Seriously, how I feel for you doesn’t matter. I’m still not going to do to my kid what my mother did to my father and I. I know how much it hurts. How damaging it is to a kid to have to tell people, “I don’t have a dad.” I know how much it hurts when Father’s Day rolls around and you’re in 1st grade and you ask the teacher if you don’t have to make a Father’s Day card because you have no one to give it to. NO degree of hurt you put me through would ever be enough for me to deny my child the right to a biological father.

    I wish I could wash my hands clean of this business but I can’t. I’m stuck here in a town and state that I can’t genuinely call home. I’d always pictured raising my future children in South Florida close to my family. Because it takes a village to raise a child and that, “village,” that would’ve helped shape me into a magnificent parent and helped me if I was ever struggling.My home and the rest of my entire family is now 1,320 miles away. I’m stuck here because I refuse to drive a wedge between my unborn baby and its father. If things don’t work out in a way where he’s present in our child’s life it won’t be for lack of me trying my best to keep them together.

    But no one sees any of this. No one cares to take my side of the story into account. I have feelings and problems too. You’re not the only one who lost something they once cherished. But of course I’m the one to blame for everything. You’re the victim and deserve all the pity according to the picture you’ve painted for everyone else.

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  4. Only a stand up guy would say such a thing

    "With ever fiber of my being

    I hate you. I only hated 1 other person and you have proven to be worse than her 1000x over. This child was a mistake. I wish I could take it back. In all honesty, I hope you have a miscarriage just so I will never have to deal with your selfish, childish bullshit ever again.”

    This child, my child (and let it be noted up until now I ALWAYS referred to this baby as ours until now), is not a mistake. The only mistake was letting you be the father. Because clearly you still lack control over your emotions, words, and actions. Enjoy stalking this Tumblr. Especially when it goes dark with inactivity!

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  10. amy-a-cups:

Cleaning your ears is orgasmic. 


    Cleaning your ears is orgasmic. 

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